SonicPlay™ Sessions” are unstructured, play-based exploratory sessions Inspired by the characteristics and associated ideas of materials such as Metal and Wood.Pedagogically, the “sonic sessions” are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach® of having an “atelierista” or artist-

in-residence in a children’s space, as well as the notion of the environment as the third teacher (Reggio Children, 2022). The sessions are also informed by the principles of the

Educaring® Approach (Gerber, 1998) for respectful, child-responsive facilitation. Loose parts play inform the creative facilitation of the atelierista in the experience, while Soundscape Education is fundamental to the design of these sessions.


Currently, SonicPlay™ sessions by Dr. Nat are offered as Bluop! – a sonic experience for babies in ThirdSpace Studios, and exclusively in a private preschool in Singapore.

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