LittleCr3atures®️ is where younglings get to experience pure, unadulterated play with sound and soundful objects in a safe and immersive space, where parents and adults alike respect the ease and innocence of child-nature, which is essentially the art of being human, and the art of simply being.

As the artistic practice, research and education advocacies of Dr. Natalie Alexandra Tse, LittleCr3atures®️ is part of her ongoing evolution and development as a performer, educator, researcher and mother.

LittleCr3atures®️ invites little ones and their parents to come and play freely, as human beings instead of human becomings. By involving adults’ child’s play, an enduring love for and bonding through discovery is established. Big and little, we are all Cr3atures of creation … and creative by nature!


Where the inner child is heard


To offer a safe space for parents and young children to experience sounds

To develop a mindful awareness of self, others and the environment


LittleCr3atures® is created by Dr. Natalie Alexandra Tse, a performer, educator, researcher who seeks multi-modal manners of experiencing sounds and the environment. She promotes her spirit of experimentation and exploration of sound through the Arts, with the belief that the Arts has the ability to develop children’s awareness of the diversity of cultures in the world, thereby developing understanding, respect and empathy for others. Through her doctoral research, where she examined the creation of a sonic experience for infants 0-18 months old, Natalie has developed a niche for artistic practices with the early years.

A young mother to Dodo (4-year-old boy) and Baby Rhea (18-months-old girl), she works together with her family and friends to create age-appropriate performances for children. Believing firmly that the very young are beings with their own identities, rather than becomings waiting to be sculpted, Natalie hopes to share her experiences as an artist and mother with other parents and their little ones.

Natalie Tse from CARE. Read more on Arts Education in Early Childhood here.